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sharefonts: Collection of SHAREWARE ATM Fonts

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Version:0.10 License:distributable
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This is a collection of 22 fonts from the CICA archives that are shareware. NOTICE: They are not free. You have to pay a fee for constant use. They are licensed by the authors not by me. Read the <font>.shareware notices for each font to find out how to license them. I have just collected them and put them into a usable format for X11. The collection was motivated by the lack of good fonts for Linux especially X11 and ghostscript. Scaled bitmaps look really ugly!

Arch: src

Build Date:Tue Nov 18 23:07:57 2003
Size:736 KiB

Arch: noarch

Build Date:Tue Nov 18 23:08:17 2003
Size:721 KiB


* Mon Nov 10 03:00:00 2003 Masaki Suzuki <masaki{%}btree{*}org> 0.10-4
- rebuilt for Fedora Core 1
* Sun Oct 6 03:00:00 2002 Masaki Suzuki <masaki{%}btree{*}org> 0.10-3
- rebuilt for RHL 8.0
* Fri Jan 4 03:00:00 2002 Masaki Suzuki <masaki{%}btree{*}org> 0.10-2
- rebuilt for RHL 7.2
- spec file cleans up for rpm-4.0 macros

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