mplayer-vidix: Video Interface for *nix

Name:mplayer-vidix Vendor:The MPlayer Project
Version:1.0pre2 License:GPL
Release:3 URL:
VIDIX is the abbreviation for video Interface for *nix. VIDIX was designed and introduced as an interface for fast user-space drivers providing DGA everywhere where it's possible (unlike X11). I hope that these drivers will be as portable as X11 (not only on *nix). * What is it: It's a portable successor of mga_vid technology, but it's located in user-space. * Unlike X11 it provides DGA everywhere it's possible * Unlike v4l it provides interface for video playback * Unlike linux's drivers it uses the math library

Arch: i386

Build Date:Mon Nov 24 00:45:16 2003
Size:134 KiB

Arch: i686

Build Date:Mon Nov 24 00:30:17 2003
Size:134 KiB


* Sun Nov 23 03:00:00 2003 Masaki Suzuki <masaki{%}btree{*}org> 1.0pre2-3
- add some files to the %doc section
- merge mencoder and mplayer-common packages into mplayer package
- merge vidix driver packages into vidix package
* Fri Nov 21 03:00:00 2003 Masaki Suzuki <masaki{%}btree{*}org> 1.0pre2-2
- rebuild for Fedora Core 1
- merge Matthias'
* Sun Oct 5 03:00:00 2003 Dominik Mierzejewski <dominik{%}rangers{*}eu{*}org> 1.0pre2-1
- 1.0pre2
- added nvidia vidix driver

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