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iPoneSDK_OS4beta4.jpgiPhone SDK 4 beta 4 (Build: 10M2252) and iPhone OS 4 beta 4 (Build: 8A274b) are now available from the iPhone Dev Center. Continue developing and testing your iPhone and iPod touch applications using these new beta releases. Make sure to read the Xcode 3.2.3 Readme and the iPhone SDK 4 beta 4 Release Notes to learn about what's new in iPhone SDK and iPhone OS 4 beta 4.

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iPoneSDK_OS4beta3.jpg  iPhone SDK 4 beta 3 (Build: 10M2247) and iPhone OS 4 beta 3 (Build: 8A260b) are now available from the iPhone Dev Center. The new iPhone SDK introduces an auto-provisioning feature that allows you to add a new device in a single step from within the Xcode Organizer, making it even easier to enable a device for testing your applications. View the Xcode 3.2.3 Readme for more details on this feature.

Log in to the iPhone Dev Center and download iPhone SDK 4 beta 3 and iPhone OS 4 beta 3 today. Make sure to read the iPhone SDK 4 beta 3 Release Notes before installing this beta release.

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