Skyfire boss on possible iPhone port: 'stay tuned for news'

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So Opera Mini for iPhone has proved to be kind of a big deal, and that HTML-laden beacon of hope is putting a twinkle in some other developers' eyes. Take Skyfire, for instance. CEO Jeff Glueck posted this week a congratulations to the Opera team for its inclusion in the iTunes app store -- a surprise to many, us included. He also explained that "this will certainly accelerate our strategy on iDevices," and seeing as its only product is a mobile browser with Flash and Silverlight, Jeff certainly has our attention here. That said, we're not exactly getting our hopes up, especially since the App Store's rules have always forbidden any app from running a code interpreter and we don't see how SkyFire can bypass that aspect of Flash and Silverlight entirely, even though it uses a server-side rendering model similar to Opera Mini's. We'll see what happens.
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Skyfire boss on possible iPhone port: 'stay tuned for news' -- Engadget

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